When 6 eternal friends came together to form Black Forest Ghetto, the past, the present and the future of music (at that very moment) collided. Many months passed as BFG worked tirelessly to hone their sound, sticking to a strict regime of Super Smash Brothers, basketball, press-ups and Drambuie. The product of this training was music that bounced, grooved and popped. But more importantly,it brought the fun back to music.

The main ambition of this London based 6 piece is to play shows, not gigs. To leave the paying crowds with the feeling that they have experienced something truly entertaining, not a magnolia coated, head nodding affair. Drawing on inspiration from idols such as Prince, Quincy Jones, Michael Jordan and Masahiro Sakurai (to name a
few), BFG immortalised their sound in the winter of 2013, joining forces with Rogues Records to produce their debut EP Natural Gaming Talent.
BFG cruise into 2014 on a wave of excitement and opportunity, as they continue to stamp their mark on the UK music scene with the release of their first full length album, a packed live calendar and a collection of short tours.“We’re bringing the party to the people.” Keep your eyes, your ears and your heart open. These are the voyages of the Black Forest Ghetto.