Scottish/ Italian singer-songwriter Laura Riganti is armed with a voice that once you have heard you will never forget. Resonating the sultry, smoky, soulful tones of past heroins that would have once been heard in the cigar clubs of the 1930s.  At the tender age of just 22, Laura is a girl that’s voice contrasts her mischievous, clumsy, humorous Edinburgh ways.

Music has always been a central aspect of Laura’s life. Growing up on a diet of soul and reggae, one of her earliest memories was listening to a Bob Marley tape in the car with her parents.

She has immersed herself in the world of house, disco and techno, but in doing so, has never once forgotten her roots or compromised her vocal style. She began doing acoustic guitar covers of her favourite new underground electronic artists, and her rendition of the Lovebirds’ “Want You In My Soul” was picked up upon by vocalist Stee Downes who contacted personally to tell her how impressed he was. This inspired her to do more, her version of Miguel Campbell’s Hot Creations debut ‘Something Special’, was used by the man himself to close his Radio 1 Essential Mix as well as festival and clubs across the globe. Laura had gone from being a virtual unknown to having her voice heard by thousands of people across the world. It was from this point that things started to happen, as people began to pick up on this special talent. Laura saw a summer of live performances throughout Europe, from Meadow In The Mountains in Bulgaria, Secret Garden Party in the UK, to singing in front of 12,000 people in Belgium.

The most interesting thing about Laura’s sound is the way electronic intersects with acoustic, simultaneously accentuating (and permeating) the tropes and expectations of both genres and their respective subcultures. Her talent lies in the ability to masterfully reinterpret the digital timbres of her favourite dance songs, stripping them back into poignant ballads and giving them a whole new meaning. She draws influence from across the board, being a fan of everyone from Amy Winehouse to Jessie Ware, from Paolo Nutini to Eats Everything, from

Fleetwood Mac to Bicep. Laura Riganti is now channeling this momentum and using it to push forward and fully realize her potential. Now armed with the backing of her own management team, she has been able to fully explore her past influences and can quite as easily write an emotional tale with the simple backing of a piano to belting out the latest Dislosure hit in her own original manner.  Laura is flourishing at being able to now write and perform her stories that she once thought she never would do.  Expect to see (and hear) not only more of Miss Riganti but also more from her side-project Cherry (named after her dog, of course!), which will see her exploring her passion for house and electronica music alongside other like-minded artists.