‘Royal Sounds’ are a young roots reggae band with a unique sound hailing from London, UK.   They could be seen as a band of the future.  The musicians include: Carlalou1Drop on the drums, one of the brothers (Ajani) on bass, Ashanti Selah on keyboards and the other brother Gyasi on guitar.  Powerful vocals delivered from Hannibal and also Ras Sempah, RAspect Fyabinghi & Empress Imani.

To help spread the message they discovered more young talent with potential in their local area, so upcoming artists RAspect Fyabinghi, Empress Imani and Ras Sempah teamed up with the Royal Sounds.  Their music can be described as ‘authentic’ roots reggae music with a message which the UK reggae scene has lost over the years but they hope to bring it back; spreading the message that unity for all is the way forward.  Bringing all the energy together, ‘Royal Sounds’ released their first music video titled “Changes” in 2013.  Featuring Hannibal, Ras Sempah, Jah Prayer & RAsepct Fyabinghi.  The people received the song and video very well!  Touring Europe, backing artists and working as session musicians.  They also produce music for various singers/songwriters.    They are currently producing Hannibal’s debut album which is titled “The Message” which will be available in online stores worldwide in a few months.

Oxjam  Festival,  Hootenanny,  Nottinghill  Carnival,  Reggae  in  Da  City  and  various  local venues.  Their aims are to uplift the people with good reggae music, getting their message across worldwide, and continue to grow as a name.